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About us

Who we are

Heavenly Melodies Africa is a worship ministry that is committed to building Christ-centered altars of worship in Africa

Heavenly Melodies Africa started in May 2005 in Burundi, a country that was devastated by historic ethnic conflicts.
Fabrice Nzeyimana (Founder & Current Leader of HM Africa) brought together a small group of passionate young people that soon became a big team. They started a slogan ‘Together in Worship’ that also became the group’s motto. It was obvious from the start that only genuine worship could bring together young people despite the challenges the country was facing. Through worship nights, different outreaches, these young people started a culture of bringing together the body of Christ, which was also as divided as the nation. That movement spread through the city of Bujumbura and people started working together despite the many differences.

We believe as well that God created every nation and created it beautiful, therefore as Africans we are determined to create a new sound of revival from the four corners of our continent that will echo all around the world.

Heavenly Melodies Africa values Unity and excellence in all it does, and brings together worshipers from different churches and countries on one platform to testify of God’s faithfulness and Love.

Music is the only thing on earth that was created in Heaven! From trees, to oceans, from animals to even the human race, all was created here on earth. When it comes to music we all know Lucifer was the first musician, created to offer sacrifices of praise and a sweet aroma of worship to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, our God, our Creator. When he rebelled and desired worship, he was cast out of Heaven. The question here is who replaced him in that position? Another angel? No, God created man instead and since then we are called to offer continually, our worship to Him; not only through music but also with our dedicated and consecrated lives. It is a sad thing to see music being used around the world, most of the times in ungodly manners. Our young people grow with confusion knowing not what to dance to and what to keep away from. Heavenly Melodies believes that music is a powerful spiritual tool that God created for his glory. That tool connects the human soul to the spiritual realms. A song will always lead you somewhere whether you like it or not and we are committed to making sure that our songs lead people to the throne room of Heaven.

Our Vision and Mission

Heavenly Melodies Africa’s vision is to see Africa telling her testimony of redemption and healing through singing melodies of revival in unity and excellence, and equipping young people to be visionary and godly leaders who will transform societies.

Heavenly Melodies Africa is a worship ministry that is committed to building Christ-centered altars of worship in Africa, building unity of the body of Christ and equipping young leaders of integrity.

Meet our Team

Africa Head Team

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[wolf_team_member name=”Trizza Adams” role=”HM Africa Administrator” animation=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”400″]

[wolf_team_member name=”Rosebel Wanjiru” role=”HM Africa Communications” animation=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”600″]

[wolf_team_member photo=”0″ name=”Sunil Kadzo” role=”HM Kenya” animation=”fadeInUp”]

[wolf_team_member photo=”0″ name=”Darlene Harerimana” role=”HM Burundi” animation=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”200″]

[wolf_team_member photo=”0″ name=”Maya Lamberte” role=”HM Rwanda” animation=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”400″]

[wolf_team_member photo=”0″ name=”Brian Joshua” role=”HM Uganda” animation=”fadeInUp” animation_delay=”600″]

Music is the only thing on earth that was created in Heaven!