When a child is castigated and put down by the people surrounding him or her, the common response is usually to coil back and remain invisible in the hope that their bully would just for a moment turn away and find someone else to bully…The Overflow Africa 2017 conference is proof that Africa is no child.

It is high time that we…oh no… We already have come together and are fighting back. We are fighting for our nations, we are fighting for our cities, we are fighting for our men, we are fighting for our women, we are fighting for our youth, and we are fighting for our children: with the hope that we will leave them a continent that shines so bright that they never have to coil back and hide. And what better way to fight than to fight in Worship!

At overflow the shipment for war arrived from all parts of Africa: Zambia, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, and Tanzania at the headquarters which was Kigali Rwanda. Men and women in the army stood firm: They had on the full armor of God, they had the belt of truth around their waists, the breastplates of righteousness, on their feet they had on sandals in readiness for the gospel of peace, they all picked up their shields of faith, the helmet of salvation and God so graciously provided the sword of the Holy spirit!

These men and women were fully ready to go to war; there was a clear understanding among them that they were not fighting human beings but against principalities and powers of this dark world!

Overflow 2018 Panel
Worship Ministers from across Africa during a panel discussion

I am a Kenyan and naturally people think we are really loud but that is neither here nor there. I arrived in Kigali Rwanda at about 6pm in the evening after a long 24 hour journey. I was tired but that did not count for much. All I could think of was that I was in Kigali for the conference. I had the excitement of a child when they receive something they love from their mothers.

Since the conference ended to this particular moment that I write this, I have only had one way of describing it “A God moment”. God moments are those ones when you unmistakably know that you have met and experienced God. Despite being a lover of reflective music, those that in most church circles are called worship music; this conference was barely about the music for me. I was lost in the moments where I could hear God calling me to a deeper relationship with Him.

If you were me then you probably have not seen a man cry before. On this particular night as I prayed and sang I remember opening my eyes and the gentleman on my right was weeping so uncontrollably! People!! Hear me when I say I was STUNNED! I stopped for a moment and looked at him, worshipping God, so oblivious of the fact that I was out rightly staring at him. Now my whole life, other than those times when we were young that my brother and I received mass caning, I have never seen a man weep. This was new. Let me explain.

Moment of worship

You see women, we cry. All the time. When we are happy, when we are sad, when we do not know what to say, when we are confused, when we pray. We cry. A lot.

On the contrary, men, at least in my world, rarely ever cry. The few that admit to it say the tears roll inwards but that is just as close as we get to seeing them cry.

Bear in mind that I am an only girl with three brothers that I love to a fault. If I saw any of them with a tear I would ask them if dirt had got into their eyes. And they would say yes. I would say okay and we would move on.

Now here I am in KIGALI and my whole world is being turned upside down!!

That sight is stuck with me. I am still stunned at a God who is so open and accepting that men *male human species* can come to him with broken hearts and weep and not say a thing and He would hear and say “I hear you child. I hear that cry. I know. I understand. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”

There is something so deep about coming to God with broken and contrite hearts, you can feel Him move. When we become nothing before God, he uplifts us. And we can stand before anyone. We find life by laying it down at the cross where Jesus overcomes death by dying, being buried and then resurrecting.

Something new is happening. And it is being masterminded by God Himself.

If you stop long enough and pay attention you will notice it. God is moving for Africa, I know it!

This is no time to engage in hopeless pitiful talk about our continent. It is time to declare and speak life over our families, our cities, our nations, our cultures, and our continent! We have been chosen by God for such a time as this. This is our time!!!!


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